Sparking creative rebellion!

Defy labels and welcome the possibilities that come with utilizing our full creative potential.

What is Spark Collaborative?

We are a community of people with many different interests and creative pursuits who desire to embrace our multiple potentials and redefine how we live, work, and function in a complex world.  

We  provide techniques, practices, community,  and support so that we can all unapologetically live and work in ways that ignite our creativity

We defy labels, and welcome the possibilities that come with utilizing all our dreams and potential.

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Our Most Powerful Tool is Creativity

Why creativity? 

  • Because creativity connects us all - it's relational and communal. It is also powerful
  • creativity boosts confidence, risk taking, spontaneity, innovation, and more.
  • This is a safe space for "square pegs" to explore all the creative ways we can thrive despite the fact that society resists our shape and potential. 
  • This is a space to unite and ignite a community of creative rebels

You Might be a Creative Rebel If . . . 

  • You have a desire to see money as a tool to do good.
  • You  value so-called "soft skills" like leadership, communication, collaboration, empathy, flexibility, adaptability, and creativity as important tools for success.
  • You desire to reconnect with your inner child, and with the idea that playfulness and exploration are tools for discovery and change.
  • You have the courage to say that there is a better way to live than the so-called "norm."
  • You desire to learn, grow, and be open to new possibilities.
  • You love working  both independently and in collaboration with other people who may think differently but still want change.
  • You embrace ability to disagree without judgment, and find ways to make all ideas work together.
  • You accept that you cannot force others to follow your moral code or belief system; everyone has the right to their own.

Why you should join us

We're a community of people passionate about how creativity builds connections.

You'll immediately receive access to regular content and discussions that begin your journey into your own creativity, as well as advanced notice for any special workshops and learning opportunities.

In addition, by joining this community you will:

  • Meet people like you - who care about igniting their creativity again (or for the first time!).
  • Learn to cultivate your creativity and align it with everyday actions, keeping this important life tool vibrant and active, which allows you to expand ideas into everything you do.
  • Uncover your first steps towards sparking your own Creative Rebellion
  • Swap stories, experiences, and ideas with others as they explore their own creative journey.
  • Find inspiration, participate in thought-provoking conversations, and get expert perspectives to expand your approach to work, play, and life.  :)

Our community is FREE, but it’s private. To get your exclusive invitation, sign up here!

About Us

Jessica and Lisa are soul sisters who have yet to meet in person.

We met in an unlikely place, as members of a research group curious about the power of improvisation and play to change the world. 

With our combined experience in applied theatre, collaboration, community building, education, and various forms of creativity, we realized that we have something powerful to offer the world:  

  • We have the power of our creative sparks, and a belief that creativity can change the world. 
  • We believe in  (and have experienced) the personal transformation that comes with playful, improvisational approaches to difficult challenges.
  • From our own lived experience, we defy labels, believing that no person is one thing or must box themselves into one passion or interest. Our lives are enriched as we allow ourselves to explore all our possibilities. 

And so we created Spark Collaborative--a place where joy, fun, and creativity guides everything we do as we work to change the world. 

Our community is FREE, but it’s private. To get your exclusive invitation, sign up here!